Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hello Parents,

Welcome once again to The Language Tree Spanish class blog. In this blog we will share songs, activities and best practices to do at home with your kids. Many of these songs are childhood songs and others are original lyrics written by me. They are simple, repetitive and easy to learn. I will upload many of the songs that we'll learn in the class. They will mostly correspond with the theme of the week. This first week is all about our little ones. We begin with the five sense because through their senses they experiment with the world around them. Through their senses they become who they are. This song is an original song.
Mis Cinco Sentidos-By Natalia Prats

How can I motivate my child to speak another language?

Great ideas to motivate your child to speak another language! Enjoy!

Fun board games that can be played in any language!

Do you have a game suggestion that could be played with your kids?